Wow! Eighteen pages of Cooper Studio reviews!

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We’re really feeling the love at the moment! Having just checked out the reviews and testimonials we’ve received on our FB page we were astounded to find that we’ve got over 120 public reviews! The thing that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy is that 96 of them are five star reviews! Presently FB is giving us 4.5 out of 5 stars! I’ve taken some screen grabs, which hopefully speak for themselves:

Cooper Studio | Perth Photographer Review Perth Photographers Customer Review | Cooper Studio Perth Photographer

The real stars of this post are our wonderful customers who’ve taken the time to write about their experiences so that others can know! Thankyou all, we really appreciate it!

You may have also noticed that there aren’t 120 reviews here! I thought it might seem a bit long! To check them all out head on over to our Facebook page!