General Terms for Claiming Gift Cards (including group offers)

General Terms for Claiming Gift Cards (including group offer deals): 

  • Gift Cards must be redeemed by the holder prior to the expiry date and the holder must be over 18 years of age and must not have redeemed a gift card with Cooper Studio in the prior 6 months, unless the Gift Card was sent to the holder as part of a birthday, Christmas or customer loyalty program.
  • Gift Cards may also sometimes be referred to as Gift Certificates, Vouchers or Gift Vouchers or words to that effect.
  • Gift cards are not redeemable for cash and any unspent balance will be deemed void.
  • Cooper Studio works by appointment only and it is essential to book your shoot by calling the studio on the phone number provided on your gift card, holder, or this website.
  • Information provided on the gift card or accompanying folders or letters form part of Cooper Studio’s terms.
  • Bookings are subject to photographer and studio availability.
  • No gift card can be used in conjunction with any other offer, prize or promotion.
  • Only one gift card can be used per booking, family, group or couple.
  • In the unlikely event that your family or group has received more than one gift card, you may re-gift the card you cannot use here.
  • Gift cards can be used for: Family Shoots, Romantic Couples Shoots, Beauty Shoots (including glamour, pregnancy, portfolio and nude shoots), Baby Shoots and Pet Shoots in the studio.
  • Please note that Cooper Studio does not undertake all forms of photography and gift cards specifically can not be used for product or commercial photography, nor professional “head-shots”, passport photos or groups of friends who are not family members. If you have need of commercial photography services, please contact us for a quotation.

Security Deposit:

  • A $50 security deposit is required to secure your booking time. This reserves the studio facilities and a photographer for you exclusively for your allotted time. This is refundable to you after your viewing and purchase appointment, (provided you have completed your appointment at the correct time and date), or it may be used towards your order.
  • Where a gift card has been purchased for at least $50 as part of a non-profit fundraiser (such as a charity auction or sporting club offer) or a group offer, the security deposit may be waived.

Value of Gift Cards and Artwork:

  • If the value of a gift card is $250 or less it will cover all or part of a weekday photo shoot.
  • Where the value is more than $250 it will cover a weekday shoot and any greater value can be used as a credit towards artwork purchased at the time of the first viewing appointment.
  • Most weekday photo shoots are valued at $250. Weekend photo shoots, where available, are valued at $350.
  • Cooper Studio artwork varies in price depending on size, finish and order quantity. As a guide, prices start from $249 (for individual graded and retouched prints at 12.7 x 19cm, presented in archival matt board, ready for framing).
  • By way of example, a holder of a $550 gift card would be entitled to a weekday shoot worth $250 and would have $300 remaining which could be used towards artwork. As artwork values begin at $249, this would fully cover a normal shoot experience and would also fully cover the value of at least the holder’s favourite image from the shoot.
  • As a further example, a holder of a $550 gift card would be entitled to a weekend shoot worth $350 and would therefore have $200 remaining on the gift card, which could be used towards artwork. In this case, the holder would need to pay at least $49 “out-of-pocket” to receive artwork from the shoot.
  • Where the holder in either example above places a larger order, any balance on their gift card can be deducted from the total amount payable. For example a holder of a $550 gift card who has a weekday shoot worth $250 will have a $300 balance. If the holder places a $2000 artwork order, the $300 balance will be deducted, lowering the total payable to $1700.
  • Where a security deposit has been paid, this may also be used as a credit towards the customer’s order. For example, where a $50 deposit was paid, a further $50 could be deducted from the order in the example above, bringing the total payable to $1650.
Appointments Policy:
  • Cooper Studio photographers work by appointment only.
  • All bookings must be made by phone, by calling the studio number on this website or on our promotional material.
  • Most shoots take around 60 minutes. Your shoot may be shorter or longer depending on its complexity.
  • Your viewing and purchase appointment usually take place at the same time, usually on the same day as your shoot. Allow three to four hours for the entire experience.
  • All viewings of images take place in our studio theatre. You are welcome to bring a friend to the viewing to help you choose your purchases as we are only able to offer the one viewing and purchase opportunity.
  • Please allow at least 90 minutes to view your images and make your purchases.
  • Where a gift card is being used a $50 security deposit is required to secure your booking.  Failure to complete your scheduled appointment may result in the forfeiture of your security deposit in order to offset the studio expenses associated with your shoot booking.
  • Your gift card entitles you to a single booking and will be forfeited if you do not attend your appointment. Rescheduling, carrying over of your gift card and deposit may be considered where 1) more than 48 hours notice is given 2) there is a genuine reason beyond your control 3) a substitute appointment is available. Any such rescheduling is entirely at the sole discretion of Cooper Studio.
  • Cooper Studio may refuse service where provision of service would, in our opinion, negatively affect the workplace rights, safety or wellbeing of our staff or customers, or cause an unreasonable disruption to our normal operations.
Group Offers:

General terms for group offers (such as, but not limited to; Groupon, Cudo, Spreets, are as per the terms for Gift Cards above and our normal terms of trade.

Other Applicable Policies:

These terms should be read in conjunction with Cooper Studio’s  General Terms of Trade. A list of other Cooper Studio policies can be found here.