Glamour, Boudoir & Nudes

Forget soft focus lenses, dodgy makeup and 80’s hairdos, boudoir and glamour photography is back in Perth but this time it’s in a sharp, fashion inspired style. More and more Perth men and women are celebrating themselves with a Cooper Studio 21st Century Glamour photography shoot.

glamour photography, erthOur style of Glamour photography uses unique lighting to sculpt your face and body, creating a delicate and moody interplay of light and shadow. We can tailor a glamour shoot to evoke emotion, be cool or be casual. It might involve your favourite fashion clothing and accessories, or might be a series of nudes or semi-nudes to celebrate your body.

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Would you love something like this, but feel a bit shy? Relax. Our studio has private facilities – from change room, to studio, to cinema – so you can have your entire experience in complete privacy. We also have both female and male photographers and consultants.

As always a Cooper Studio shoot begins with an interview, where we’ll really get to understand you and the things you love. We also have Perth’s best range of contemporary photographic presentation styles to compliment your favourite images from the shoot. This includes canvases, acrylics and our unique Klee metallic artwork series.

We also retouch: All of our photographs receive our in-house retouching treatment from one of WA’s best retouchers.

A glamour shoot usually takes between one hour and ninety minutes, with as many poses and outfit changes as you want and we can fit into the time. You are also able to view your photos immediately after the shoot.

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Here is a video from a recent Youtube glamour photography shoot shot in our Perth studio with a focus on swimwear and fashion: