Terms and Conditions for Cooper Studio Competitions


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General Terms for all Cooper Studio competitions:

How to enter online competitions: To enter, entry forms found on this website, or a third party platform, must be filled out in full. Only one entry per person per competition period will be accepted. Multiple entries sharing any of the same details, i.e, same phone number or address, will be treated as one entry. In an instance where Cooper Studio is running more than one competition concurrently, where an entrant enters multiple competitions, the entries will be deemed to be for the competition entered first, and subsequent entries will be disregarded. Late entries will not be accepted and incomplete entries will be disregarded.

How to enter coupon competitions: To enter, coupons must be filled out in full and received by the Studio or placed in a designated ballot box no later than the closing date of the competition. Late entries will not be accepted and incomplete entries will be disregarded. Only one entry per competition period will be accepted. Multiple entries will be treated as one entry.

Who can enter? Anyone can enter provided the entrant will be 18-years-old or older at the time of their prize shoot, a resident of Western Australia and has not won a prize or redeemed a gift voucher with Cooper Studio within the 12 months prior to the draw date. Prizes inadvertently awarded to persons who do not meet these restrictions will be voided, redrawn and re-awarded, where possible.

Selection of Winners: Cooper Studio competition winners may be selected by: 1) A random draw of a designated number of prize winners where the competition has all prizes of equal value. 2) Where the competition has a major prize and then several smaller prizes the first entrant drawn will be deemed the major prize winner, and subsequent entries drawn (up to the maximum) will be “runner up” prize winners. 3) Where a competition includes a creative question (ie “why would you like to win?”) the major and subsequent prize winners (if any) will be selected by Cooper Studio staff based on a ranking of their favourite answers to the creative question. If for any reason the number of valid entrants is less than the number of designated prizes available, each valid entrant will receive a prize and surplus prizes will be void.

Start, end, and draw dates: Unless otherwise specified on the entry form or competition description, all competitions will be deemed to have started from the moment in a particular month when the competition entry forms are published. In the case of physical coupons, made publicly available and unless otherwise specified, will be deemed to end at 12.00 midnight on the last day of the same calendar month. The draw of prizes will take place at an operationally practical time for Cooper Studio staff, but never later than one calendar month from the end date of the competition.

Notification: Prize winners will be notified by mail, email, phone or text. Cooper Studio is only obliged to notify winners on one occasion, but may, at it’s sole discretion, use more than one method or attempt to notify on more than one occasion. Notification will occur within one week of the particular draw date.

Newsletter Subscription: Entrants will be subscribed to the Cooper Studio newsletter and marketing communications. Entrants may unsubscribe at any time by following the unsubscribe links provided or by contacting the studio on info@cooperphoto.com.au or by phone on 94334312.

How to Claim: You must register and book your prize by phone (call 1300 305 410) or in person during Cooper Studio business hours. We do not accept prize bookings or registrations by text or email as in-person communication is required to tailor shoot details. Gift cards can be claimed by the named recipient only and are not automatically transferable. Note: A $50 security deposit against non-attendance is required for all bookings. This can be used either as an order credit or can be refunded after attendance. See our postponement and cancellation policy.

Redraw of unclaimed prizes: At Cooper Studio’s sole discretion unclaimed prizes from a competition may be re-drawn among entrants who did not win the primary draw.

Number of Prizes: Unless specified differently in the particular competition promotional material, the number of prizes for each competition will be 30 per calendar month.

Odds of winning: The odds of winning a particular competition will be dependant on the number of entrants, i.e a low number of entrants will increase the odds of winning for each entrant, while a high number of entrants will decrease the odds.

Value of Prizes: Unless specified differently in the particular competition promotional material, each prize will be deemed to be worth $550. Where there is a conflict between these terms and the particular competition promotional material, the competition promotional material will be deemed correct. The value of Cooper Studio products and services varies depending on time, complexity and product selection. As a guide most shoots are valued at $250 ($350 on weekends) and printed artwork begins at $249. All Cooper Studio prizes will cover at least the value of a standard weekday shoot and a print of the best image from the shoot. No prizes require a “minimum order” in order to claim.

Composition of Prizes: Unless specified differently in the particular competition promotional material, each prize will consist of a gift card (or electronic equivalent) which may be redeemed at Cooper Studio in Melville for a photo shoot. With the balance of the gift card, if any, to be applied (in whole or part) towards the purchase of Cooper Studio products such as; prints, wall art or albums. Each gift card will have an expiry date, of not less than four weeks from the notification date, but notification may be required in a shorter time frame as indicated in the particular prize literature.

Copyright, Moral Rights, and promotional usage of images: In consideration for the right to enter a particular competition each entrant agrees that, should they win a prize, copyright and moral rights of any photographs taken shall be assigned to Cooper Studio. Entrants further agree that Cooper Studio may use, without payment of a fee to the entrant, any images taken during the prize shoot for promotion of Cooper Studio products and services, including, but not limited to, use of said images on Facebook, the Internet, signage or studio display. The entrant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Cooper Studio against any claims that may arise out of the publication of such images.

Conflicts in terms: Should there be a conflict between these terms and the terms outlined in the published promotional material or literature of a particular competition, the competition material will be deemed correct.

General Terms for Claiming Gift Cards: 

  • Gift Cards must be redeemed by the holder prior to the expiry date. The holder must be over 18 years of age and must not have redeemed a gift card with Cooper Studio in the prior 12 months.
  • Gift cards are not redeemable for cash and any unspent balance will be deemed void.
  • Cooper Studio works by appointment only and it is essential to book your shoot by calling the studio on the phone number provided on your prize certificate or this website.
  • Information provided on the gift card, accompanying folders or letters form part of Cooper Studio’s terms.
  • Bookings are subject to photographer and studio availability.
  • No gift card can be used in conjunction with any other offer, prize or promotion.
  • Only one gift card can be used per booking.
  • Gift cards can be used for: Family Shoots, Romantic Couples Shoots, Beauty Shoots (including glamour, pregnancy, portfolio and nude shoots), Baby Shoots and Pet Shoots in the studio.
  • Please note that Cooper Studio does not undertake all forms of photography and gift cards specifically can not be used for product or commercial photography, nor professional “head-shots”, passport photos or groups of friends who are not family members.
Appointments Policy:
  • Cooper Studio works by appointment only.
  • All bookings must be made by phone, by calling the studio number on this website or on our promotional material.
  • Most shoots take around 60 minutes. Your shoot may be shorter or longer depending on its complexity.
  • Your viewing and purchase appointment take place at the same time, usually on the same day as your shoot.
  • All viewings of images take place in our studio theatre. You are welcome to bring a friend to the viewing to help you choose your purchases as we are only able to offer the one viewing and purchase opportunity.
  • Please allow at least 90 minutes to view your images and make your purchases.
  • Where a gift card is being used a $50 security deposit is required to secure your booking. This is refundable to you after your viewing and purchase appointment, provided you have completed your appointment at the correct time and date, or it may be used towards your order. Failure to complete your scheduled appointment may result in the forfeiture of your security deposit in order to offset the studio expenses associated with your shoot booking.
  • Your gift card entitles you to a single booking and will be forfeited if you do not attend your appointment. Rescheduling, and carrying over of your gift card and deposit may be considered where 1) more than 48 hours notice is given 2) there is a genuine reason beyond your control 3) a substitute appointment is available. Any such rescheduling is entirely at the sole discretion of Cooper Studio.
  • Cooper Studio may refuse service where provision of service would, in our opinion, negatively effect the workplace rights, safety or well being of our staff or customers, or cause an unreasonable disruption to our normal operations.