Behind the Scenes

jodiemcgrath News, portrait photographer

Like everyone else, there comes the time when we need to update and revamp our website, which often means new photos to help show what we do. We have an advantage though of course over other businesses because we are set up for doing it!!

In an attempt to create some new shots of the studio, we ended up torturing our work experience girl Gemma into posing for me while Craig took ‘candids’ of the shoot…. an exercise that served to remind us why we prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it!!! (Also was a bit of payback for candids I took earlier in the year ….)

The final results that serve the purpose are on other pages, but wanted to share some of the other shots with you all for a bit of fun. Stay tuned as we have also been updating staff photos so will be posting some outtakes of those shoots soon!


These are from our mock shoot …..



And these are the candids I took earlier in the year, during real shoots…….. (Craig may kill me for putting these up as well….. but figure it’s only fair!!!)