Tormenting the staff

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Well its that time of year that no matter what your profession, you tend to cringe when you hear the phrase ‘time to update staff photos’!! Although the advantage of working in a studio means that you are going to end up with shots that don’t resemble the badly lit criminal style photos that normally result when someone from HR is delegated to taking photos!

Still….. there is a reason that photographers like taking photos, and its generally because we prefer to hide behind the camera than be out front and centre getting our photos taken!! Its also slightly intimidating directing the boss on how he should be posing …..


First up ….. the boss!

Now any one who knows Craig, knows he is a great person to get along with… but for a bit of fun, we played around with a few more serious ‘take over the world’ shots!


Then there’s me…. (Jodie!)

As the shoot coordinator and a photographer myself, it has been a while since I have been on the other side of the lens. In trying to get some more fashion type shots for the bio page Craig and I played around with a few different poses, and ended up getting some more candid shots at the same time…. mainly because I find it difficult to keep a straight face while attempting to pout!!


Next is Annabel! – our other main photographer

Annabel is an awesome person to have around the studio, and as anyone who has had a shoot with her can attest to how much fun it is to have her as a photographer! She is also great at letting her creativity go wild, which is how she managed to talk me into wearing a ball gown, on my horse …. at the beach! But that’s an entirely different story!!


Last but not least ….. Nicole! – our production genius

Nicole has only recently joined us, but is proving to be a fantastic addition to the team! She is in charge of all the technical post production requirements – and is our photoshop guru!! Nicole is also a gifted photographer in her own right, so knows all the little tricks to get the most out of the images you love, and turn them into the beautiful pieces of artwork you take home.