Introducing Adele…

Craig Cooper News


My name is Adele and I am a work experience student here at Coopers Studio. I live in Perth and I am a student from Penrhos Collage in year 11. My favourite subjects at school are Photography and Drama. I really like doing  Photography as a subject because it is interesting to learn about the importance of handling cameras and how to use them, I have my own Cannon camera, which I am allowed to use for class projects. My other favourite subject that I have mentioned is Drama, I don’t consider myself to be a professional actress, but I do certainly enjoy acting! 🙂

I have a brother who is five years older than me and I have two small dogs that go by the name of Sasha and Sadie, they are both Cavalier king Charles spaniels. Not many people can tell by looking at me, but I have had three operations, with two on my back. My hobbies are drawing, hanging out with friends, photography, walking my dogs, watching Tv/Movies, reading and occasionally swimming.

Here at Cooper Studio I have learned a lot about how photography is done in the workplace and how the photographers do their job.I have enjoyed observing and helping out during the photo shoots where I can, for example I assist by bringing props onto the stage like chairs and foam blocks which gets covered over with black sheets, and I also help by changing the brightness of the overhead camera lights so the scene is lighter.

I have also learned how to make espresso coffee and answer the business phone while being at the studio. I have learned about how Photoshop gets used after the photo has been taken to make the image slightly better than the original. I have been here at Cooper Studio since the 18th of June and I have really enjoyed my experience at the photography studio. With my knowledge of photography, I hope to one day make a career out of it or possibly find courses in photography so I can learn more about it. 🙂