A pug puppy vs a ping pong ball: You’re Welcome!

Craig Cooper Funny, Pet Photographer Leave a Comment

Ok. It’s time for you’re daily dose of cute! Letty, the four month old Pug visited our Fremantle studio recently and she’s just nuts for ping-pong balls! First the ping pong ball seemed to have the upper hand; Letty was overcome with a sense of defeat, but oh how quickly the tables were turned. She got to her feet and showed that ball who’s boss! It barely fit in little Letty’s mouth, but once conquered, she was not giving that ping pong up to anyone!

Letty’s brother, Patches the Maltese Terrier, seemed a little jealous of all the attention Letty was getting:


Then again, maybe he’s just an old soul!

So this got us thinking – there must be a tonne of pug-vs-ping pong memes and videos out there, but there’s a gap in the meme market here! Seems that most dogs just aren’t that good at table tennis. Except this guy:

Awesome talent! (from the Kyoot Animals Youtube channel)


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