Nude portraiture: an artistic studio experience.

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NOTE: This page contains tasteful female nude portraiture. If that’s a problem, don’t scroll down! Click here for puppies instead!

There are few things more beautiful than a sensitively captured, artistic nude photograph.

The nude genre has been an obsession of amateur artists and masters alike for generations – if not millenia – so maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s really popular with our customers as well.

It certainly takes a little bravery to have nudes done, yet it’s always been one of the common reasons that women book shoots with us.

Our customers are often proud of their bodies and want to record them in a way that is tasteful, beautiful and (maybe) sensual.

Often it’s been something that our customers have thought about for years and have finally summoned the bravery to book a shoot!

Our approach to nudes is to aim to describe the female body with light, creating not just a beautiful rendition of our customer but something akin to a landscape of the female form.

Nudes can certainly be sexy if that’s what we set out for, but sometimes they’re not about that at all.

Rather they can talk to higher ideas about our identity and the beauty of being human as an abstract aesthetic value.

When we shoot nudes, in one sense we’re exploring these ideas with you.

You don’t have to have the body of a catwalk model to have nudes done – in fact a few curves usually help!

The great thing about this style of photography is that all body shapes are just fine and everybody can be a kind of canvas for creating a unique statement.

We get that you have to be a bit brave to book a nude shoot, and we certainly won’t push you into doing anything you’re not 100 per cent OK about, nor is it ever too late to change your mind and keep (or put) your clothes on!

Finally, a note about privacy. Whenever you book a Cooper Studio shoot you get the option of allowing your images to be published, or keeping them private. Most of the time our Nudes customers opt for privacy, and they are the only ones who ever receive their photos. That’s totally OK.

The nude photos you see on our website are published with permission from our very brave models!

Moody, artistic nude photograph by Perth Photographers