Pet Photography: Lots of Dogs (and one cat)

Craig Cooper Dogs,, Pet Photographer, Portfolio

So yes, as pet photography pros we photograph lots of dogs (and the occasional cat, rabbit, guinea pig, snake, you name it)!

But let’s concentrate on your pooch portraits for now. We want them to be all of the usual things, cute, fun, funny, but there is something else.

We want your photos to be beautiful heirlooms that you will cherish for decades to come.

Unfortunately, our pets just don’t live as long as we do, which is why it is so important to create a lasting, artistic memory of your best friend.

Sorry to go there, but it’s what we hear over and over again from our many, many customers who either bring their dogs in for a special shoot or include them in a shoot with the rest of their family.

When we photograph dogs, we usually like to begin with each dog individually and photograph them on a low platform, which limits their movement somewhat.

Don’t worry if your dog jumps down immediately. Just put them straight back up (and if you have an old or disabled dog who can’t make it up there, don’t worry, we always have a plan B, C and D!)

This first set gives us our beautiful, detailed and artistic images. The kind you’ll want to cherish for a lifetime. Like this:

Pet Portrait | Cooper Studio

But we’re not close to done: After that, let’s get some humans in the photos!

Young woman with blue heeler puppy | pet photography

And after that, we often switch background, lighting or location, to get some photos of your pooch at play, or just chilling towards the end of the shoot. These are the more relaxed images, like this one:

Bulldog resting in Perth photographer's studio.

After the shoot we take time out for half an hour or so while your photographer does a quick edit of the best photos. During this time, lots of dog owners like to take their pooches for a walk, but the alternative is to chill in our lounge room.

Once the first edit is done, we’ll take you (and your dogs) to our theatre, where you’ll get to see the photos from your shoot, and order the artwork you’ll take with you through the rest of your life.

We believe that professional pet photography of your canine companions is fitting and something which one day will be the most important memento of your time together and the profound impact they’ve made in your life.

Don’t delay. Start a conversation with us now.