family photographer in WA

Seven steps to the best photos you’ve ever owned!

The Cooper Studio portrait experience is designed to be fun and relaxing. It begins the first time you contact us. We ask lots of questions about you and your loved ones because we’ve found that the more we know about you, the better your photos will be.

Step 1: The Booking

You’re welcome to book your shoot either in person at our Melville studio or over the phone.

During the booking, we’ll ask quite a few questions about you, including your contact details and a bit about the people to be included in the photo shoot. The whole booking process usually takes around ten minutes.

At this time we’ll also arrange for payment of the shoot fee, which is $250 on weekdays or $350 on weekends. If you have a gift card or certificate, we will take a small security deposit of $50 to secure your booking instead. If you’re booking over the phone please have your credit card details ready.

Step 2: The Portrait Design

Come in person for a portrait design session or chat to your photographer on the phone!

At your in-person portrait design you will get the chance to meet our photographers and production staff, who will be looking after you for the rest of your photography experience. You’ll get to see lots of finished artwork examples too.

A photographer will show you around, then sit with you and have a chat about the sorts of photos you love as well as what makes you and your loved ones tick. We often get quite excited at this stage, as our creativity takes over! Your photographer will share some ideas and if you like them, we’ll plan them for your shoot.

We might also chat about your home – or the one you would love to have – so that we can help you plan which styles of photos, sizes and finishes would suit your space.

You are welcome to bring your whole family to the portrait design, however it is not essential.

Step 3: Homework!

Now you need to plan what (and who!) to bring to the shoot!

It’s important to talk about the shoot in detail with the other participants. The more they’re involved, the better it will be!

It’s also worth taking a tape measure and measuring the places you want to put your artwork. This will come in handy when choosing artwork after the shoot.

To assist you with your homework, we have developed a checklist that we suggest you go through as you prepare for your shoot: pre-shoot_checklist

Step 4: The Shoot

When you arrive at the studio for your shoot you’ll usually be greeted by your photographer and have a quick chat about any last minute thoughts before the shoot begins. Then you’ll head straight into the studio and be in the shoot almost straight away!

Most shoots last around one hour, however we’re not big clock watchers so allow up to 90 minutes for your shoot.

During this time we will photograph as many combinations as we can. If you come with your family, we always take the opportunity to photograph each person separately, the whole family together and as many other combinations as possible.

Where small children are involved we allow a little extra time, just in case.

Step 5: Coffee Time!

Once your shoot is complete, there will be a 25 minute break while your photographer puts together a presentation of the best images from your shoot.

We keep a supply of magazines, photography books, good coffee and chocolate on hand. There’s also a kids corner, so sit back and relax!

Step 6: The Viewing and Purchase Session

Now it’s time to see the results of your effort and our creativity! You will be shown into our custom-made theatre room where your first look at the results will be up on the big screen (complete with a surround sound soundtrack!).

After the slideshow we will help you select your favourite photos, and then your photographer will take you through the different artwork options.

Our staff are well trained to review your images with you and to help you with cropping, finish and tone selection. Our software and projector will also allow you to see your finished products at their actual size.

We allow ample time (60-90 minutes) for you to decide on your artwork, we encourage you to invite everyone who would like to see your images, such as grandparents.

We’re happy to accept payment by cash, cheque, eftpos, and most credit cards. Payment plans are also available if you want to spread your purchase over time.

Step 7: Collection

We usually start production on your order immediately. Our expert photography staff carefully manage each part of the printing process and inspect images and finishes before you are contacted for collection.

Most products are ready within four weeks. Certain specialist products, such as some albums, can take a little longer.

We recommend that you collect your artwork in person to avoid transit damage of your precious work!