Cooper Studio Parking

Parking in Fremantle is often very tight, but at Cooper Studio we are lucky to have a number of free, untimed parking options nearby (see the map below):

  • (A) Verge parking on the West side of Hampton Rd, just near the studio and all the way back to Lefroy Rd.
  • (B) Untimed parking bays on the East side of Hampton Rd, just across the intersection and North of the studio.
  • (C) Limited off-street parking behind our studio. This is suitable for a single vehicle and is ideal for mobility impaired clients or those with babies or small children (or just a lot of stuff!). Please ring ahead if you would like to use this option, on 94334312 and one of our staff can assist if required.
  • (D) Parking on the East side of Baker St, about 150m to the North East of the Studio. Please consider our neighbours when using this option.