Socially Distant, Emotionally Available!

Craig Cooper News

It so happens I’m married to an infectious diseases doctor, who is totally awesome. She’s been working around the clock figuring out how to save lives and keep everyone safe. She also bakes muffins to relieve stress. I’ve been eating a lot of muffins.

The upshot is that I have been able to keep a very close and unusually detailed eye on developments, and know what to do to make sure that Cooper Studio remains a safe place for everyone. This is what we’re doing:

  • We are creating more space for less people: We have two studios and we are reducing the number of shoot spots each day. So you will be our only customer while you’re with us.
  • We are reducing the number of staff in each studio: Typically there will be only two staff, including your photographer, in the building at any one time.
  • We will be keeping our distance: We will aim to maintain a 1.5m distance from you and your family at all times. This means we’ll be using different lenses, and will give verbal direction.
  • Cleaning, lots of cleaning: We’ll be cleaning surfaces before and after each customer and cleaning the studio every day.
  • Reduced contact with artwork: In the past, we’ve shown some artwork by getting customers to browse through samples. A staff member will now show you samples without contact instead.
  • Hand Sanitiser: We presently have hand sanitiser for client use. Please ask.
  • Complimentary reschedules if you’re sick: If you have a cough or a fever or cold or flu symptoms, please let us know before your shoot, and before entering our buildings. We’ll offer you a complimentary reschedule without losing your deposit or any gift card value.
  • Hygienic makeup: If your shoot booking includes hair and makeup you’ll be pleased to know that our wonderful makeup artist Mandy has passed a Covid-19 makeup hygiene course, and will be using a face mask as she needs to be closer than the recommended distance.
  • Tap, no cash: We’re going cashless and asking that you pay for your order by tapping your card, where you can. 
  • It’s business as usual: In a weird, socially awkward sort of way. But we promise we’ll still create great art, have fun together-but-apart, and create lasting personal artwork at a time when family, and looking after ourselves, has never been more important.

As always, our friendly team is here to help and answer any questions you might have! Don’t be afraid to call us on 94334312 if there is anything we can do!

Yours from a safe distance,