Artwork production and collection

evocative newborn photography

evocative newborn photography

Cooper Studio images are a lifetime investment which will only grow in personal value as the years pass. Prints are of the finest quality and are rated as either 75-year or 100-year archival. You can also be proud that your artwork will be made and assembled by hand in Australia using Australian sourced materials wherever possible.

What happens during production?

Within 24-hours your images will have been re-mastered from the original captures in order to correct any small flaws in brightness and colour, then carefully but very subtly retouched by our in-house team before being scheduled for physical production.

Your prints are physically produced by a professional laboratory which has made a multi-million dollar investment in printing technology and is located in Australia. We have regular geeky discussions with the lab to ensure that their results match our vision.

Our boxes, albums and wall art are all hand made by carefully chosen suppliers from around Australia.

Final assembly of our albums and boxes takes place here and all artwork undergoes a final in-house quality control stage before being approved for collection.

How long will my artwork take?

If you’ve paid in full or you’re using Certegy you can generally expect your order to be ready in four weeks. Certain complex artwork can take up to six weeks to complete.

How do I find out when my artwork is ready?

A member of our production team will call you on the phone number you’ve provided on the order form when your order has passed quality control. If we can’t reach you by phone we will send an email to the email address on the order form.

Do I have to collect from the studio in person?

As your artwork is valuable, we strongly suggest that you either collect in person or send someone you trust to collect on your behalf. We can mail your order on request for the cost of shipping, insurance and a reasonable handling charge, but unfortunately can not accept risk for items damaged in transit.

How do I collect my artwork?

We ask that you make a short appointment so that we can ensure that a member of staff is available to assist you. Collection appointments typically take only five to ten minutes. Please call 9433 4312 to make your collection appointment.