Meet the Team!

It’s early on a Friday morning and the studio is buzzing as usual. Velvet is in the photography studio adjusting lights and backgrounds. We have a shoot starting in half an hour. Shaun is already hard at work. He’s received a shipment from our printer overnight and he’s pouring over the photographs under a daylight lamp with a magnifying glass, checking for dust or scratches and comparing colour and contrast to the same images on his monitor. Jodie is at one of the Macs in the editing suite, she’s choosing the best photos from yesterday’s equestrian shoot, and putting together a presentation for a customer. Ruth is already on the phone with a new customer, discussing ideas for a shoot.

Energy, enthusiasm, passion, expertise. Meet the Cooper studio team:

Craig Cooper

Craig is the founder of Cooper Studio and has been a professional photographer since 2000. Craig is an AIPP Master of Photography. Learn more…

Shaun Ferraloro

Shaun is the Production Guru here at Cooper Studio, he works his photoshop magic to make sure all of the artwork coming out of the studio is perfect. Learn more…


Ruth Gatt-Lodding

Ruth is our studio assistant here at Cooper Studio and is likely to be the friendly voice who first greets you in person or on the phone. When she’s not helping our South Freo studio run like a Swiss watch she’s busy hitting the books studying for her degree.

Jodie McGrath

Jodie is Manager of the South Fremantle studio, an award winning photographer and resident equine expert. Learn more…

Velvet Millar

Velvet is the studio Production Manager and oversees all aspects of artwork production and assembly. Learn more…