(Vintage) Movies

Update! OK. We made some of these when no-one had even heard of 4K video, and postage stamp sized 360p seemed like a good idea! It’s amazing how far things have come in the past 10 years or so, and how ancient some of these look!

I was going to delete this page, but you know what? It’s part of our history. We’ve moved on from the South Fremantle Studio, but it’s fun to remember old times, and our early efforts to totally dominate Youtube! Enjoy with a grain of salt!

A Family Shoot in the South Fremantle Studio: Nat and Steve are returning for an update shoot of their adorable kids. What starts with chaos becomes sublime as we follow the team as they create some truly memorable images. Enjoy this behind the scenes look at a typical family shoot!

Interview with the boss man: Ok, this one’s a bit embarrassing. I’m asked about awards, qualifications, what it means to be a Cooper Studio photographer and I share some of my philosophy and approach to photography. You’ll also get to watch some scenes of the team in action!

Swimwear Portfolio Shoot: This Movie is a slideshow of images and candid stills from a shoot we did with the lovely Cara. It’s our most popular movie to date!

Perth Portraiture Portfolio: Here’s another portrait slideshow showcasing some of our day-to-day portraiture work for a diverse group of customers including families, couples and men and women:

Wedding Photography: This movie is a slideshow portfolio of our wedding photography. Cooper Studio has had the privilege of shooting hundreds of weddings for couples from around Perth and Western Australia. Our style of photography for weddings is both stylish and natural, using beautiful natural light and authentic moments to tell a unique story.

Artistic Nude Photography: The next video slideshow is a sample of some of our popular fine art nude photography. Nude photography is a unique and tasteful way to celebrate the beauty of the human body and to create some memorable images. Some of our nude photography can be quite abstract, in the form of human landscapes.

A Glamour Photo Shoot: An indulgent makeover and fashion inspired beauty shoot. 

Family Photography!: Our first ever attempt at a Youtube video! OK, it doesn’t look all that clear but I still love some of the photos!