Payment options

Beautiful baby and newborn photography

Beautiful baby and newborn photography

At Cooper Studio you can pay for your photography and photographic artwork using cash, cheque, eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or direct bank transfer. We also offer a number of term payment options.

Our term options are a smart way to secure your valuable images by spreading the cost over time. Photographic artwork is unique in that it is one of the very few things you will purchase that will genuinely last your lifetime. So it can often make sense to spread your investment over just a small part of that time. To use a payment option just bring bank or credit card details, drivers licence and deposit to your sitting.

Cooper Studio installments.

This is our simplest option! We take a deposit on the day and have scheduled with you one, two or three dates in the near future to charge your credit card for the balance or a portion of the balance. We schedule your work for completion once 75% of the total has been paid (or within our standard production time of four weeks from order date, if 75% is paid prior to this). If you would like to pay out the balance early, all you need to do is contact us. There are no fees or interest with this option. (Cooper Studio does not charge a fee on credit card transactions.)


If you work full time, this is a great option to make your order very affordable. Certegy requires a deposit of only 33 per cent of your order and the balance will be spread over (usually) 26 fortnights.

There is no delay at all in producing your work, so you can expect to have your photos ready within four to six weeks.

Your installments don’t begin until we’ve finished your order. When your order is complete we’ll ask you to elect a start date for payments up to 30 days into the future. This way you can choose a day of the fortnight that is convenient for you. (If for any reason we can’t contact you we’ll set the start date to the first or third Friday of the month).

Certegy charges no fees or interest on deductions which are direct from bank account.You’re also welcome to pay out your Certegy agreement without penalty at the time that you collect your images.


Paysmart deducts payments through direct deposit from your bank account or credit card. Fees are very low, at only $1.95 per fortnight and a single $5.50 setup fee. Paysmart is very flexible as you can set your terms over any number of fortnights to match your cash flow.

Your artwork will be ready for collection after 75% of the total has been paid, however you are welcome to pay out your Paysmart agreement, or make top-up payments of $300 or more, at any time. There are no penalties for paying out your agreement early.

If you elect to pay out your agreement early, let us know and we will fast track your order and you can then expect to have your artwork in only a matter of weeks.