LGBT portraits - couples

LGBT Portraits

We believe that love transcends gender, gender identity and sexual preference, so we are pleased and honoured to offer LGBT portraits in exactly the same way that we serve the rest of the community. You will find Cooper Studio to be a safe and friendly place and our photographers are expert at capturing genuine feeling, love and intimacy. You can book a couples shoot, a personal shoot or a family shoot with your kids.

“We found Craig and he team at Cooper Studio to be very accommodating to me and my wife, he had no problems photographing a same-sex couple. The photoshoot was amazing and everything went so smooth. It was hard to decide which photos to choose. But our album is full of love and outstanding photos. To hear Craig say he wants to use our photos made me and Krys feel extremely priveleged. I highly recommend Cooper Studio.”Tamara Owen

“I have been on the record about the need for marriage equality since 2004, at a time when I was photographing a lot of weddings and encountering a surprising number of crazily bigoted religious ministers. On at least four occasions a minister hijacked a ceremony to give a sermon along the lines of “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”. Seriously. Those exact words. Of course, this was against the background of Prime Minister John Howard’s changes to the Marriage Act and the preparations my fiance and I were making for our own wedding,”

“The whole situation made me pretty sad and angry. I ended up writing a long letter which was published in the West Australian. The gist of the letter was that I was a straight guy in my 30s who also happened to be a wedding photographer and happened to be engaged, and I was throwing my lot in with gay people. Because love is love isn’t it? And really how does it harm the rest of us if two people who love each other commit through marriage?”

“The paper called me because they were afraid the letter was a prank by my competitors, aimed at discrediting me. They were worried about defamation. I hadn’t realised that my opinion was somehow radical. By memory I lost a couple of wedding clients but was no mass-exodus from my client list, because I think overall most people got it, even back then. And still we wait. “

Craig Cooper, Director.

What you need to know about LGBT portraits:

  • Cooper Studio offers LGBT portraits on the same basis as the services we offer for everyone else.
  • You can choose between a variety of photo shoots, including fashion, beauty, boudoir or fitness shoots.
  • Or you can come in with your partner, wife, husband and kids for a couple or family shoot.
  • We can do shoots which are intimate, casual, sophisticated, or a mixture of styles.
  • Book now by calling Cooper Studio on 1300 305 410