Tips for your pet shoot:

People love their pets! At Cooper Studio we often get asked if it’s OK to bring a beloved pet along to a family shoot, or to have a portrait of just a very special four-legged, feathered or even scaly family member! Well rest easy, among other things we are professional pet photographers! So more often then not, it’s fine to include your pet in your photo shoot with us.

Watch as our wonderful pet photographer Velvet explains how to prepare for your shoot experience:

Here are some ideas for pet photography:

  • Include your pet in your family portrait shoot!
  • Book a special portrait shoot just for your dog.
  • Consider an indoor studio shoot.
  • Check out our dogs portfolio, our portfolio for other pets, and our Pinterest boards for inspiration.
  • Many pets look great photographed on a dark background with moody lighting.
  • Remember that we don’t just photograph dogs – we also photograph birds and even reptiles!
  • If your pet is too big to come to the studio (a horse?) talk to us about a location study.

Planning for the shoot:

Planning a pet photography shoot is not much different from planning a shoot for a human or human family.

We will want to talk to you about what makes your pet special and whether there is anything uniquely characteristic about them.

Just like photographing small children, there is always a degree of serendipity – luck – in capturing that unique moment.

But don’t worry, with enough planning, and a bit of patience, we always manage to get something pretty special. Your Cooper Studio pet photographer is an expert, after all!

With boisterous pets, it’s often a good idea to take them for a good long walk before the shoot, so that they are a little calmer.

If we’re doing the shoot in the studio, your pet will often need a little while to get used to the studio environment.

Typically your pet will want to explore for a few minutes, and usually, that’s totally OK.

Want to know more? Why not start a conversation with us today?

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