The Bird House Studio

The Bird House is our newest studio for portrait photography, a modernist Bauhaus-inspired building in a private location in Melville.

With an utterly unique look and feel, it is perfect for a fresh take on beauty, family and pet portraiture.

The Bird House is distributed over three levels and contains not only a traditional studio-lit space, but also The Aviary.

The Aviary is an amazing window-lit space for contemporary natural light portraiture. (As it’s on the third level, it also provides stunning views over Perth and the Swan river!).

We also have an ever-changing outdoor shooting space as a new addition to our repertoir. This is often perfect for more relaxed portraits and boisterous pets!

The address for the Bird House is provided for customers upon booking or upon request.

(We keep it semi-private for security and the comfort and privacy of our neighbours).

Should you need our studio address please contact us.

Professional photography in Western Australia has changed remarkably since we opened our original studio in South Fremantle, all the way back in 2007!

The Bird House reflects our thinking about the direction of that change.

It provides an experience which is less like visiting a shop, and more like visiting a friend’s home.

It’s relaxed and informal, while being contemporary, chic, and professional, all at the same time.

A walk through of your portrait photography experience:

The ground floor is our entry way, as well as our production level. Here you’ll take the stairs to our main studio level on the second floor:

Studio level of the Bird House Studio in Melville.

The second floor is completely devoted to portrait photography and includes an espresso machine and pantry for snacks, and a lounge area.

It’s also our main photography level with equipment by Canon, Manfrotto, Godox and Bowens.

This is where we begin most of our photography experiences.

You’ll find the Aviary up the floating stairs, on the third level.

Our relaxed and comfortable theatre is also on the third floor. This is where you’ll get to review the photos from your shoot and place your artwork order.

The third floor also contains our main admin office – when you speak with us on the phone, that’s likely where we’ll be!

Want to see more of the Bird House? – check out the welcome video on our front page!

Contact us today, to start a conversation about your own shoot experience!