Postponements and Cancellations – Fair Dealing Policy

Image 2 - Bohdi and Kai

    At Cooper Studio we realise that sometimes things happen and plans need to be changed, so we try our best to be accommodating when a customer needs to change their booking. We also love creating special stories and images and we really do want to meet with you and share an experience together. However we incur costs whenever a booking needs to be modified and ultimately those costs are borne by all of our customers. This policy is designed to outline a fair approach to postponements and cancellations to therefore keep prices down for you, our customer.

Portrait Photography

Should you need to alter your booking and you can give us more than 14 days notice, you will not be penalised and we will work with you to choose the best new time for your shoot. Should you need to alter your booking with between 48 hours and 14 days notice, you may do this on one occasion without penalty. Should you then change your appointment again your deposit will be voided and not refunded. If you need to change your booking at very short notice (48 hours or less) your deposit will be voided and not refunded. You may then rebook (on one occasion) by paying another deposit. Should you need to cancel your booking with us, without making a new appointment at the same time, your booking fee or deposit can not be refunded.


    Where you are the recipient of a special offer this will be honoured or voided in the same way as your deposit. For example, if you have a special offer and change your booking with more than 14 days notice we will still honour it provided it will still be within expiry on the new shoot date. Conversely, if you need to cancel at very short notice your offer will regrettably become void, along with your deposit.