Perth Portrait Photography – a retrospective

Craig Cooper Advice, News, portrait photographer

Finally a (relatively) quiet day in the photography studio! I’ve had time to trawl back through the last 12 month’s body of work to revisit some of the year’s best portrait photography.

Going through my favorite images I was reminded of just what a blast it is to be a professional portrait photographer. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph people from all walks of life, in all sorts of situations. It’s almost impossible to say which are my absolute favorite images as just about every shoot has yielded something special. But here’s a few of my favorites for today anyway!

At Cooper Studio we are, fundamentally, portrait photographers. I guess a portrait to me is any photograph of a person that is a study of that person’s character – both their external appearance and also their internal life. I think a really good portrait has to say something, or at least make the viewer wonder, about who the subject is, and what makes them tick.

A portrait can be any of a number of things, including:

  • photographs of a child or a baby, showing their stage of development and sense of wonder
  • “skin shots” nudes or semi-nudes presenting a person as they are without the “armour” of their clothing
  • A neo-classical study with props – sometimes objects help to define who a person is. Where a person has a passion, including the object of this in the photograph can be a strong motif.
  • A location or home study, where the subject’s environment helps to define who they are.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg and this year so far we’ve done all this and more. Going back has gotten me quite excited about the best portraits of all – those that are yet to come!