Newborn photography in Perth, Western Australia

Newborn Photography

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The first few days and weeks after a baby is born can be a heady, dreamlike experience for their parents, combining euphoria with sleep deprivation! This is a very important time of life to record as your baby is changing daily and it pays to use a professional photographer in our South Fremantle studio. Newborns usually have a fairly regular …

Five tips for choosing a portrait photographer

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Let’s face it, choosing a portrait photographer can be confusing. After all, this is a service that you won’t even be able to see until after it is purchased! To make matters worse, there are literally hundreds of businesses offering portrait photography in WA: A quick search on Google reveals more than 300 portrait photographers! Here are five tips to help …

Professional baby, newborn and toddler photographer in Perth

Babies and Toddlers

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Everyone here loves taking photos of newborns, babies and toddlers! However they do present some unique challenges and we’ve learned over the years that the trick is in having a relaxed attitude and the correct preparation. Babies can’t help it if they’re hungry, tired, cold, hot or sleepy, so it’s best to plan to photograph them at a time when …