Portrait photo shoot of the day – Allegra and Ysabel

Craig Cooper Advice, Baby Photography

Recently we were delighted to welcome back some of our favorite wedding clients Kathryn and Richard, who came in with their 10-month-old identical twin daughters Allegra and Ysabel.


They are very cute little girls with different personalities, who will certainly keep their adoring parents on their toes! Here are some more photos from this adorable baby photo shoot:

These are just some of the photos that Richard and Kathryn ordered from the photo shoot to be placed into a custom portrait album! I think this shoot worked so well because the babies were at an age where they were starting to explore independently, and it was the spontaneous and authentic interactions between them that made the photos so engaging!

Here’s a few tips for preparing a toddler or baby shoot:

  • Expect the unexpected! I’m the father of two small children and I’ve learned that just when you think you have a child’s routine sorted out, they may well go and change the rules on you!
  • This means that we usually plan on photographing the children both awake and asleep  – sometimes if baby is grumpy because she’s tired it’s best to take a few minutes to settle her, or even put her to sleep.
  • As such, we usually try to build in a bit more time for baby shoots, so that no-one is rushed or under pressure.
  • The shoot usually lasts as long as baby is bright and happy. We schedule about 45 minutes, but this could be as long as 90 minutes!
  • It’s good to think about bringing a favourite toy along, also something personal or meaningful to the parents (how about a hand knitted rug or quilt, for instance?)
  • I really like to get some skin into baby photographs. This might be a full nude, with strategically placed legs and arms, or it just might mean dressing baby in some colourful nappy covers, like in this shoot!

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