Horsing Around – a horse photography shoot in WA!

Craig Cooper Advice, Fashion Photographer, News, Slider

I recently had the absolute pleasure of photographing Jessica Blackwell and her horse Quai in the Swan Valley on the outskirts of Perth, WA. Jessica is an author and the owner of Equestricare, an innovative equine sports therapy, rehabilitation and education service.  And while Jessica has had her fair share of photos for books and to advertise her business, this shoot was just for her and Quai!



This fantastic shoot  was timely as I’ve been researching horse photography recently and noticed that most photographs were designed to be classical displays of the horse’s breeding, but there really wasn’t much that spoke of the very special relationship that owners share with their horses. I wanted to do something that was a lot more personal, timeless and emotional. So check out some of the other images we got:

A lot of our customers don’t realise that we photograph many kinds of pets as well as human subjects. And as this shoot shows, it doesn’t have to be limited to just cats and dogs!

  • Naturally, horses need to be photographed on location (our studio is big, but not that big)!
  • Think about including other loved ones – and even other family pets – in the shoot! (We’re always up for a challenge!)
  • Your horse doesn’t have to be a show winner! They are an important part of the family, so let’s tell an emotional story! Think about what they mean to you and your family members!
  • To book a horse portrait, contact us!