Glamour beauty shoot

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Here at Cooper Studio, we find that people come in for a variety of reasons, whether its to update the family photo or to do something just for them. A glamour beauty shoot is a fantastic way to spoil yourself and get away from the stresses of life by dedicating a few hours to some good old fashioned fun!!

A beauty shoot is all about expressing yourself and showcasing your unique personality, creating in the process special keepsakes that will serve as a reminder of how gorgeous you truly are!

As such, its always a good idea to think about the style of shoot you want, i.e. one that will fit in with your personality and help to express who you are.

So consider:

  • what clothes you will bring in (a few outfit changes are more than welcome!)
  • how you want your hair & makeup (we can organise an artist for this, or you can organise this yourself)
  • what props you can bring in (think decorative fans, gloves, hats…. get creative!)
To give you a head start in thinking of ideas, I have presented a few options that we could incorporate into your shoot…. but remember, what we produce is only limited by our combined imaginations!!
If you would like to find out more information about our individual beauty shoots, or would like to book one in for yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us!



Are you a girly girl who loves cute dresses and has a bubbly personality? Then maybe a sweet, feminine shoot would suit you…..


Or do you love old hollywood glam? Then maybe a shoot with more glamourous outfits would suit ….


 Or are you more of a laid-back person, who would prefer to not be overshadowed by what you wear? Then maybe a more casual style shoot will suit you…