Pet portraiture

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Animals hold such an important part in our lives and hearts. They are there as comfort when we are sad, they make us laugh and they help to teach us lessons about life. This is one of the reasons why pet portraiture is one of my favourite shoot types as we get to meet such an awesome range of animals and see the bond that their owners share with them – it is truly something special!

Most of our pet portraits are done in the studio as a controlled, confined environment is great when you have animals with a mind of their own that want to wander!! We have had a bit of an eclectic range of animals in lately…. everything from the usual dogs (and the odd cat or two!!) to ferrets!

Trip the ferret took a bit of persuading that we would make him look awesome in his portraits, but he was a bit unsure at first! We think he looks quite cool in this shot with his mum Emma!


ferret, perth photography

It is always good fun to have a challenge in the studio, so it never hurts to ask if we can include a non-traditional animal in your photo shoot, as you never know!

When considering bringing a pet in for a photo shoot, you should consider if they have any special talents that you want to showcase in the photos, or if there is a particular part of their personality you want us to try to capture. We have had some very well trained dogs in the studio in the past, who were more than happy to display their tricks for the camera!

Sometimes though, getting certain pets into the studio proves to be a little bit more difficult….. especially when they weigh over 500kg!!! So instead of trying to bring a horse into the studio (though it is a very tempting idea that we might have to work on for the future!!) we get to get out of the studio for a while and shoot on location.

When thinking of shooting on location, it is always a good idea to consider the surroundings, and time of year as each will pose their challenges. In the height of summer you want a location that isn’t surrounded by dead grass, where as in winter you may want nearby shelter as an option in case it rains in the middle of the shoot!

Theme is also an important consideration, as it will set the mood of the photos. Do you want something that is more high end fashion with dramatic outfits, or something more relaxed? The below shoot had a Western theme which fit in well with the rustic heritage listed location.

So if your thinking of having a pet portrait shoot done, or want to include them in your photo shoot, then don’t hesitate to contact us!