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Artistic Female Nudes

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We do quite a lot of nudes or partially-nude skin shots. Our approach to female nudes is to use light to describe the female form. Many of our images are highly abstract – a kind of human landscape.

When you have a nude shoot with us you’re in control of how revealing your photos are. Some of our clients want a nude feel, but don’t really want to feel fully exposed. We can create beautiful images that might only show a part of your body, for example just your shoulders, or just your back.

Alternatively, we do full body nudes for those who really want to celebrate their bodies!

When preparing for a nude shoot it’s a good idea to:

  • Wear only loose underwear for a few hours before the shoot – this stops bra and knicker lines appearing on your skin.
  • Bring some clothing and maybe some lingerie along to include in the shoot – this can give some variety to your image collection.
  • Bring a friend if it will help you feel more comfortable.
  • Think about bringing lengths of fabric – such as silk sheets, scarves or pashminas – along. We can use these to show parts of your body while hiding others.
  • Have a think about where you want to display your artwork – will you like something for a living area or a bedroom, or maybe prefer an album. We can adjust our shooting style to suit.