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Craig Cooper Advice, portrait photographer

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Some of our favourite photography subjects are adults of all ages, either singly or together. The challenge with this kind of photography is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and to learn enough about you that the portrait becomes a study not just of what you look like from the outside, but of who you are as a person.

A great portrait should not only encapsulate your personality in a nutshell, it should also make you look good! The Cooper Studio team are specialists at choosing winning combinations of lighting, background and camera angles to bring out your best. We’re also great at helping you find postures and poses that make you look good while letting you feel relaxed.

When we first talk to you about your portrait, we’ll want to learn something about you. We might ask what it is you love doing or whether you have any special talents or interests. Sometimes something you tell us will give us a great idea for a themed portrait shoot. For example, one of our clients recently came to us with a 400 year old violin. Naturally, we worked this into the shoot:

Portrait Photographer in Perth

Different types of Adult Portrait Shoots include:

  • Sensual: This is usually in our Studio and could be a nude or semi-nude or lingerie shoot.
  • Fashion: This is a magazine style shoot and could be, for example, in the studio on our “New York Grey” background, or on location near Fremantle.
  • Artistic: This is often in black and white or sepia and is a sophisticated character study. This kind of shoot is great if you have a special object which represents a passion or a talent.
  • Timeless: This portrait is often a close face shot of the subject, usually on a dark background and in Black and White. The portrait focuses on the eyes and the person’s expression in order to bring out their personality.
  • Casual: Often dressed in jeans and a smart top or T-Shirt, here we want you (and your partner) to have fun, even to be a bit silly! We might get you straddling a chair or just sitting on the floor and we aim to get lots of laughter and relaxed portrait photos.