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A few thoughts on family portraiture…

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Family Portraits are one of the most popular reasons for Perth households to have a professional photography experience.

Many of our Perth clients update their family portraits every 18 months to two years. This is particularly important when your children are young, as the change over 18 months can be enormous.

Even when your children are teenagers family portraits shouldn’t be overlooked. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is also a time of rapid change, as boys and girls start the journey that will lead them to become young men and women. This is a time when your kids will have very specific interests, and it can be great to accommodate these into the shoot.

For example, one of our clients has a daughter who is a talented double-base player. The final portraits were soft and classical, and showed her skill and the beauty of her musical instrument.

At Cooper Studio we offer a number of different family portrait styles, including classical, casual, and artistic. Talk to your photographer about which one suits you best.