Professional baby, newborn and toddler photographer in Perth

Babies and Toddlers

Craig Cooper Advice, Baby Photography, portrait photographer

Everyone here loves taking photos of newborns, babies and toddlers! However they do present some unique challenges and we’ve learned over the years that the trick is in having a relaxed attitude and the correct preparation.

Babies can’t help it if they’re hungry, tired, cold, hot or sleepy, so it’s best to plan to photograph them at a time when they are most likely to be happy. This varies from baby to baby depending on their age and sleep cycle.
Parents generally know best, so we will work with you to plan either a morning, mid-morning or early afternoon shoot.

As the weather and the light in Perth are highly variable, baby photos are usually best taken in our air-conditioned studio. We can adjust the temperature up or down to make baby comfortable, and control all of the lighting and background elements.

Many of the best baby photos happen when baby is being supported or held by a parent, so it is important that you come prepared to be photographed – (if only as a prop!).

If baby gets grumpy during the shoot it is usually best to have a short break. Often a feed or nappy change is all that is needed, so we build a little extra time into the shoot for a break. Sometimes baby falls asleep – not to worry! Some of our best photos are of sleeping babies.