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Romantic couples portraiture for all ages

It’s never too early or too late to celebrate your relationship with a unique couples portrait in our studio. Our shoots are fun, relaxed and romantic. Not only do our couples take away fabulous photographic artwork, they also invariably have a great time!

We are very used to helping everyone chill out and get the maximum enjoyment out of the shoot, and we know that sometimes one or both of you will be a little camera shy! We find that once the ice is broken we can bring even the most nervous people right out of their shell, and get the best out of our time with them.

A typical couples shoot begins with a consultation either on the phone or in the studio, where we learn a little about each of you, and suggest some ideas for the shoot and help with selection of wardrobe and accessories. On the shoot day we usually spend an hour or more shooting in our South Fremantle studio, and we always try to get several different looks and feels as some great individual photos of each of you. Shoots can have a casual feel, or be more formal, romantic or sensual, depending on what you want, and what you’re like as a couple!

There really is no correct age for this – we’ve had couples as young as eighteen and we also really enjoy working with couples who are well past retirement age. In fact, some of our most rewarding shoots have been with couples who have been together for decades!

To book your Cooper Studio couples portrait, or to find out more, contact us today.