Babies tasting lemons for the first time! We feel guilty about this, but it cracked us up anyway!

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There literally has to be a first time to taste every food, and some of them can be a bit of a shock! These parents had the camera rolling when their little bundles of joy tasted lemon for the first time. Some of those facial expressions are just priceless! Oh, the betrayal!

Naturally, we don’t encourage that sort of thing in the Fremantle studio (but we laughed anyway)! Happy babies are what we go for!



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Pregnancy Photography

Craig Cooper Couples Portrait Photographer, portrait photographer

Pregnancy is a time of wonder, of change, and a time which is simultaneously too short and too long! It may be life’s one true, unadulterated miracle and one of the most worthy of all photography subjects.

perth, pregnancy photographerWe invite you to celebrate the creation of a new life in your family with a pregnancy shoot experience in our Fremantle studio.

An artistic and beautiful momento of this special time in your life is a must. Is it not? After all, it’s over so quickly, and it’s not just a memory for you, but one day the images will be vital to your children as well.

Here at Cooper Studio we take great care with our pregnancy photography. We take beautiful and meaningful pregnancy photos in the second and third trimester. It’s also a great idea to involve your partner and your other children in the shoot; after all, it’s their child or sibling, too!

Pregnancy photography works wonderfully with the skin of your belly exposed – the texture of skin particularly lends itself to artistic treatments such as “Rembrandt” lighting, black and white, and sepia. It also works beautifully on Vermeer canvas.

Alternatively, tight fitting clothing can partly or fully cover your belly, or you can use sheer fabric such as a semi transparent drape.