Nude portraiture: an artistic studio experience.

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NOTE: This page contains tasteful female nude portraiture. If that’s a problem, don’t scroll down! Click here for puppies instead! There are few things more beautiful than a sensitively captured, artistic nude photograph. The nude genre has been an obsession of amateur artists and masters alike for generations – if not millenia – so maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s …

Our Boudoir and Body Confidence Portfolio

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Can a boudoir photo shoot help you? Can it improve your confidence or your self image, or help you explore a part of yourself that few ever see? I like to think it can do all of these things, but I think it’s also important to acknowledge that approached thoughtlessly, it can also go wrong. In short, beauty, and female …

Blonde Perth woman in black lingerie.

Boudoir Photography with Cooper Studio

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Our style of boudoir photography uses unique lighting to sculpt your face and body, creating a delicate and moody interplay of light and shadow. We can tailor a boudoir shoot to evoke emotion, be cool or sophisticated. It might involve your favourite fashion clothing and accessories, or might be a series of nudes or semi-nudes to celebrate your body. Would …