Blonde Perth woman in black lingerie.

Boudoir Photography with Cooper Studio

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Our style of boudoir photography uses unique lighting to sculpt your face and body, creating a delicate and moody interplay of light and shadow. We can tailor a boudoir shoot to evoke emotion, be cool or sophisticated. It might involve your favourite fashion clothing and accessories, or might be a series of nudes or semi-nudes to celebrate your body.

Would you love something like this, but feel a bit shy? Relax. Our studio has private facilities – from change room, to studio, to cinema – so you can have your entire experience in complete privacy. We also have both female and male photographers.

As always a Cooper Studio shoot begins with a chat, where we’ll try to get to understand you and the things you love. We also have a wide range of contemporary photographic presentation styles to compliment your favourite images from the shoot. This includes canvases, acrylics and our popular image boxes.

When you book a boudoir photography with Cooper Studio, you’ll have the option of also booking hair and makeup for a small additional fee.

With hair and makeup the entire experience will go for four to four and a half hours.

In the first hour our hair and makeup artist will work her magic, and then the shoot itself starts!

The photo shoot typically takes from sixty to ninety minutes, and we’ll have time to try at least a couple of different studio backgrounds and lighting combinations.

We recommend you bring at least two to three lingerie sets with you for your shoot, and don’t forget you can also bring accessories, such as hats, fascinators, shoes and jewellery.

After the shoot, we’ll have a break for around thirty minutes, while your photographer does an initial edit of your photos and chooses just the best quarter – usually around fifty images – to show you.

Then you’ll get to see the best images from your shoot in our home theatre (larger than life!) and choose the images you wish to order from the shoot.

Why not start a conversation with us today about your personalised boudoir photography experience?