Newborn photography in Perth, Western Australia

Newborn Photography

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The first few days and weeks after a baby is born can be a heady, dreamlike experience for their parents, combining euphoria with sleep deprivation! This is a very important time of life to record as your baby is changing daily and it pays to use a professional photographer in our South Fremantle studio.

Newborns usually have a fairly regular three or four hour cycle of sleeping, playing and feeding, and your shoot can potentially take advantage of one or all of these parts of the cycle – don’t worry if your newborn is hungry or tired when he arrives at our studio, we are experienced newborn photographers!

We have taken beautiful photographs of newborns being fed – either from bottle or breast – this is a moment of unparalleled intimacy and can lead to incredible images. Likewise, there are few things more wonderful than a sleeping newborn, as any new parent can attest!

An important decision for parents to make is whether they wish to have skin shots – photographs where one or both parents appear to be fully or partly topless, so that there is direct skin contact with baby. At Cooper Studio we really love the intimacy of shots like these, but also understand that not everyone will want them. We’ll discuss this with you before the shoot and respect your wishes, of course.

We also understand that at this stage of life it can be quite a task just to get out of the house. Our Fremantle studio is equipped for comfort, including air conditioning, private areas, microwave and change mat!  You have  the option to view your photos almost straight away, so that only one trip to the studio is needed, rather than two.